“I know personally I needed something good to focus on, something that could keep me focused on the good we can do in Zac’s name. I feel a need to, most importantly, make sure that Zac won’t ever be forgotten. It’s still amazing to me when I read back through all the letters and emails I’ve received over the last 5 months how many stories I keep hearing that I’d never heard before; I don’t even know that Zac had heard some of them before. He apparently was everyone’s “crush” in high school – he would have never believed that! He touched so many people’s lives… so many people he hadn’t seen or talked to since High School, Junior High and even Elementary school still had such vivid thoughts and memories of him; with people he’d only met one time he made such a lasting impression; for those of us that were with him every day, he changed our lives forever. He obviously touched so many people’s lives in his 29 years and now all I can do is try to make sure he lives on with all of us and
In April Ben & I took the money from the Memorial Fund to the AHS Band Director and Drum Line Instructor. The AHS Drum Line is where Zac made some of his best friends; guys that were his musical mentors and are still with us today. The Instructor was telling us the band and drum line has grown so much that he doesn’t feel like he gets to give enough attention to the kids individually. So we decided we really want the Memorial Fund money to go to drum students for private lessons. After I left the school that day I thought it would be great if we could set up a permanent scholarship fund in Zac’s name at the school. And then his name would live on at AHS forever.
And it all came together from there. We set up a permanent “Zac Galaviz Scholarship” at AHS that will go to deserving students on the drum line that will pay for private lessons and supplies each year. The kids have to fill out applications, get letters of recommendation and be chosen for this scholarship. Then we get to have contact w/ the students, track their progress, see them perform, etc. I’m really excited about this and really proud that Zac’s name will live on through so many kids for so long. Zac’s Birthday is Sept 13 and our Anniversary is Sept 14 and in my desire to do something that makes me happy and something that Zac would’ve loved to do I decided we’d have a concert each year to fund the scholarship. What better way could there be to celebrate Zac’s life positively and to be a part of on this day?”
– Melanie Galaviz